Advanced Warfare Heavy Weapons Overview

Heavy weapons seen in Advanced Warfare are generally bulky, machine-gun like weapons that dish out a good amount of damage but, because of their size and weight, have very little mobility. In other words, you won’t be able to move around maps as quickly as you would with one of the SMGs or assault rifles.

Advanced Warfare Heavy Weapons

While a couple of these guns can definitely be classified as machine guns, others are much more unique than that. Because the game is focused around futuristic technology a couple of these weapons almost seem like science-fiction items.

The EM1 and the EPM3, for example, are what are known as directed-energy weapons. In lamens terms, they’re laser guns. And the XMG is a whole different beast. It combines two bulk LMGs that can be only be hip-fired but has a nifty function that no other weapon possesses, too.

Currently there are only 5 different heavy weapons available for players to use:

For detailed information about each gun simply click the associated link above. These links will take you to pages dedicated to each individual weapon where you’ll find an in-depth overview including stats like damage output, magazine sizes, firing rates, and much more.

UPDATE: New addition! The new OHM dual-weapon features an LMG component making it 1/2 classified as a heavy weapon. This gun is available with the Ascendance DLC pack.

Tips for Using Heavy Weapons

Because of how painfully slow you move with a heavy weapon equipped these guns are mainly designed to hold down a position (camp). The EM1 is probably the most mobile one of the bunch and can be used somewhat like an assault rifle around maps but the rest of the guns in this category are far too bulky for that.

Heavy weapons can be of great assistance when playing with a team in objective-based game modes such as Domination or Hardpoint. If you can set yourself up around an objective point and protect it you can easily rack up kills and score.

It is possible to maneuver around maps using guns within the heavy weapon category but if you get caught by someone running with an SMG or shotgun chances are you’ll be bested. While these guns do pack a punch they also generally have slow ADS (aiming down sights) times so running into opponents in close quarters can mean a quick death against weapons that lift up quickly.

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