Advanced Warfare – Best Sniper Rifle in the Game (OPINION)

Sniping has become a core part of the Call of Duty game series. Whether it’s traditional sniping (hardscoping at distances to pick enemies off from afar) or doing more unrealistic, extreme techniques such as quickscoping or trickshotting, sniping is definitely a popular thing in CoD and, of course, Advanced Warfare.

But in order to be a successful sniper you’ve got to know which weapon fits your personal style best. So what sniper rifle performs the best in AW? Below we dive into this topic and reveal what we believe to be the top-notch guns in this weapon category.

Advanced Warfare Best Sniper Rifles

One of the saddest things about sniping in nearly any CoD game is the fact that the developers don’t give you a huge selection of rifles to use. In Advanced Warfare you have just 4 snipers to pick from:

Possibly the most interesting thing about the sniper rifles in AW is how diverse and unique each one is. In a lot of CoD games the snipers are fairly similar with things like mag size and firing modes being the only aspects that set them apart from one another. There’s a lot more diversity see in the snipers of Advanced Warfare.

So let’s get right down to it… here are the 2 snipers we believe are the absolute best in the game:

  1. Atlas 20mm
  2. MORS

Advanced Warfare Best Sniper Rifle

The Atlas 20mm is our personal favorite. While the MORS may be the most popular choice we highly prefer the semi-auto action and the standard scope of the Atlas versus the bolt-action firing of the MORS. The Atlas is incredibly accurate, has a decent ADS time, hits one-shot kills nearly every time, and gives you a better chance of winning most battles.

Here’s a video of the Atlas in action:

One of the best things about the Atlas 20mm is that you can actually miss your first shot and still come out on top against any opponent because it’s semi-automatic and you can fire again immediately after missing a shot. With the MORS if you miss a shot you have to rechamber another bullet which takes a second or two that leaves you vulnerable to a grueling, defenseless death.

The MORS is obviously the most popular sniper rifle in Advanced Warfare. And while we do prefer the Atlas the MORS is still a great sniper. It almost always scores a one-shot kills unless you’re aiming too low (around the legs or lower) and it’s pretty accurate. We especially like using the Thermal scope on it to paint targets while hardscoping across the map. It even seems to make quickscoping a tad bit easier.

Here’s a video of the MORS in action:

The other big positive about using the MORS is that you almost never have to reload it because it carries 24 rounds (base model) whereas the Atlas only carries 16 (base model). Obviously with the Extended Mags attachment both weapons get a boost in ammo but the MORS still comes out on top for ammo capacity.

Other Snipers

The Lynx is a mediocre sniper. Unless you get a direct headshot you have a very high chance of getting a hitmarker and will need to nail your opponent with a second shot (not ideal for quickscoping or even regular sniping). That’s why this gun didn’t make our list.

The NA-45 is an absolute joke. It shouldn’t even be classified as a sniper rifle at all. The way it operates is just incredibly odd and doesn’t prove to be very effective in any combat situation.

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  1. Dude the NA kills multiple enemies just by shooting at their direction. The explosive damage is in playmodes like hardpoint or domination perfect for killing and you sometimes get bloodthirsty medals just by shooting the two shots. Also every Bullet kills one hit doing headshots. Did you ever play this gun?

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