Advanced Warfare – Best Guns in the Game (OPINION)

We’ve been getting a ton of questions about what best guns in Advanced Warfare are. So many that we actually started a “best of” series of articles about the subject. These are opinion-based pieces where we share what we believe are the most effective and useful weapons in each category.

Advanced Warfare Best Guns

It’s not easy figuring out which weapons are the absolute best to use. While you definitely should take each one’s stats into consideration, you also need to think about your own personal playing style. What works well for one player won’t always work awesomely for everyone else.

Advanced Warfare Best Guns

As mentioned above, we’ve actually started a series of posts about the best weapons for each category in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Our selections are based on personal experiences, reader input, and, of course, cold, hard facts. Keep in mind that these are just OPINIONS. But, chances are, if you give these guns a shot, you’ll do alright.

Below we’ve listed the links to our “best of” articles.

For each of these we provided 2 options. The first being our absolute favorite and we personally consider the best, and the second being an alternative weapon that we believe comes in a close second place.

Picking Weapons

As we said earlier, figuring out what the best gun to use is involves a lot more than just statistics. In order to find the weapon that will help YOU earn more kills you’ll have to test them all out for yourself. Even a slight change (the right perk or the right combination of attachments) can greatly improve your performance with a weapon. So be sure to test every weapon thoroughly with multiple different class setups.

Generally speaking, if you’re more of a run ‘n gun style player you’ll probably want to use one of the submachine guns, assault rifles, or shotguns. If you prefer to stay out of the action and pick off enemies from afar you’ll probably play better using a sniper rifle or even an LMG from the heavy weapons category.

Overall, finding the right weapon relies a lot on your personal preferences. Find a gun that feels right for you. If you find yourself doing exceptionally well with a weapon, tweak it with different attachments, perks, or even exo abilities, and see what can improve your performance. If you find that you’re dying a lot with a specific weapon, drop it and try another. It’s that simple.

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