Advanced Warfare – Best Assault Rifle in the Game (OPINION)

Continuing our series of best weapons in Advanced Warfare let’s talk about assault rifles. ARs are a core part of most Call of Duty games. In fact, they’re often the preferred weapon category for most players simply because assault rifles are generally good to use in most situations.

Advanced Warfare Best Assault Rifle

They’re got decent range, deal out a moderate amount of damage, and most aren’t hard to master. Nearly every player of any skill level can take out opponents in a match using an AR. That being said, Advanced Warfare offers 6 different assault rifles to choose from (7 if you purchased the season pass).

These include:

Each of these weapons possesses its own unique characteristics but the majority of them are either full-auto firing rifles or semi-automatics with the exception of the AE4 which is actually a directed-energy weapon.

So which assault rifles in Advanced Warfare are the best? Well, for about the first month that the game was out one in particular, the BAL-27, was extremely powerful. So much so that it was branded by most of the community as OP and, eventually, got nerfed. It’s still a decent gun, but not doesn’t pack nearly as much of a punch as it used to.

We believe these are the absolute best ARs in the game as of right now:

  1. AK12
  2. IMR

Advanced Warfare Best Assault Rifle AK12
For full autos we really like the AK12. It deals a good amount of damage, recoil is minimal, it has decent range, and the accuracy is pretty awesome, too. The big drawback of this gun is its firing rate. It’s a little slow compared to most fully automatic weapons but as long as you’re a good shot, landing bullets will be devastating enough to take out most targets at medium range.

Advanced Warfare Best Assault Rifle IMR
For semi automatics we strongly favor the IMR. It’s a four-round burst firing weapon that has stolen our hearts. Its incredibly accurate, features very little recoil, and deals a moderate amount of damage with each burst. While it is mainly designed for medium range combat we’ve found that it’s still effective at longer distances as well with well-placed shots.

Runner Up: ARX-160. This gun is a beast when you learn how to manage it. We think the AK12 is slightly better but if you want to swap it out for a faster firing assault rifle, you can’t go wrong with the ARX.

NOTE: Remember that the guns mentioned above are our opinion of what’s best. What is actually best for you heavily depends on your personal playing style. Take each gun for a spin through 5-10 matches each and find out which one suits your needs and abilities best.

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  1. personally the bal is a garbage weapon its worse then the MK14…Ouch!!
    I like all of the assault rifles except the bal 27 and the MK14

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