Advanced Warfare Armory Overview

A brand new feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that many players have been asking about is the armory. It’s an interesting new feature to the game that goes hand-in-hand with the addition of Supply Drops, the packages players receive while playing online multiplayer that provide new character gear, weapon variants, and other bonus items.

What is the Armory?

The Advanced Warfare armory is essentially a vault or bank where the items you receive from supply drops are stored. But it does have a few other nifty features that players should know about. On top of storing your acquired loot you can also do things like sort your items, equip gear, and even exchange loot for bonus experience.

Loot Storage

Every piece of character gear (pants, boots, Exos, etc) and every weapon variant you receive through supply drops are automatically placed into your armory. You can access it via the multiplayer menu, it’s located directly below Operator and just above Private Match.

From here you’ll see four menus:

  • All Loot
  • Redeemable Loot
  • Time Limited Loot
  • Permanent Loot

All Loot – Pretty self-explanatory. Opens up the armor and displays every piece of gear you’ve collected.

Redeemable Loot – Shows only items that can be exchanged for bonus XP.

Time Limited Loot – Shows only items that are temporary pieces. These include things like the One Shot Goggles and Bloodshed gear which are obtained by completing challenges within a match (getting x amount of one-shot kills, getting x amount of kills without dying, etc).

Permanent Loot – Shows only permanent items. These are weapon variants acquired through the Marksman challenge (getting 300 kills with each weapon), and character gear that cannot be turned in for experience.

In each of these menus you’ll be able to flip through the pages of the armory tabs, sort your loot by rarity, type, or alphabetical order, equip items to your player, discard items, and, when possible, exchange items for XP.

Here’s a great video from GamerFuzion that explains the armory in glorious HD:


Item Rarity and Bonus XP

The armory also allows you to see the rarity of each item you’ve received. Rarity is by both a specific color and a specific title. These are:

  • Elite (Yellow / Orange label)
  • Professional (Blue label)
  • Enlisted (Green label)
  • Basic (White Label)

Generally speaking, most players receive mostly Enlisted and Professional items. Elite gear is hard to come by.

Item rarity also plays a role in determining the amount of bonus XP given to the player if the item is exchanged. If a player chooses to redeem an item for XP here are the amounts they will receive for each rarity:

  • Elite – 2,000 XP
  • Professional – 1,000 XP
  • Enlisted – 500 XP

These values remain the same no matter what level or prestige you are, unless you’re at the maximum level on the current prestige with the experience bar completely filled in (i.e. level 50 with the option to prestige). If you choose to not prestige your character once you hit the maximum required at level 50 you will not be able to redeem loot for bonus XP, you’ll only be able to discard items.

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