Advanced Warfare App Overview

Remember that nifty little app that allowed you keep track of everything you’re doing in CoD: Ghosts? Well, a new and improved version has been released for the latest title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The app gives you the ability to use your phone, tablet, or other mobile device to mainly track your clan progress but it does a couple more things, too.

Advanced Warfare App
You can get the Advanced Warfare app for Windows, Android and iOS devices via either Google Play, the Microsoft App store, or the Apple App store. Just search for “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion App” and download it. The app is 100% free and was made available to players on November 3rd, 2014.

Here’s a short trailer explaining what you can do with the app:

The Advanced Warfare app focuses mainly on clan wars. You can track your clan’s progress in capturing nodes, learn about upcoming clan wars, chat with clan members, and figure out what playlists will give you and your clan-mates bonus XP.

The app is also where you manage your clan. You can keep track of members, promote or demote ranks, or even remove a player if necessary. It also displays what players are contributing most to your clan’s progress and shows a history of your wins and losses in previous clan wars.

With the launch of AW the companion app was also updated to allow players to update their character emblem right from their phone or tablet rather than having to use the editor found on consoles or the PC.

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