5 Advanced Warfare Quickscoping Tips to Master Sniping

Sledgehammer Games, the team that developed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, originally stated that they planned to eliminate quickscoping in their game. While they certainly put in effort to accomplish that goal, they failed. The concept of barely scoping-in and firing off quick shots with a sniper still exists in CoD: AW.

Advanced Warfare Quickscoping Tips

While the dev team may eventually find a way to cut it out of the game, it’s currently still in. So, instead of cursing the developers to death and calling quickscopers every name in the book, why not embrace the practice? Below we’ve provided a few tips and tricks for new players that want to learn how to quickscope in Advanced Warfare.

1. Pick Your Sniper

The first step, and perhaps the most important one, is deciding on which of the 4 sniper rifles you want to use. The most popular choice right now is the MORS but some people (myself included) prefer the Atlas 20mm instead. The MORS is a decent choice, though, it aims somewhat fast and you never have to reload it. It does, however, have to rechamber a bullet each time its fired because it’s a bolt-action sniper.

Advanced Warfare MORS vs Atlas 20mm

The Atlas, on the other hand, is a semi-auto sniper that can be fired over and over until the magazine is empty without having to rechamber any bullets. The magazine is rather small, though. The standard clip holds just 4 rounds. But if you use the extended mags attachment (recommended) you’ll get 6 rounds.

The other two snipers – the Lynx and the NA-45 – are rarely, if ever, used. The NA-45 isn’t even technically a sniper. The ADS time and the damage output of the Lynx are both lousy making it hard to get one-shot kills. So, basically, the only two options you really have are the MORS and the Atlas.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any skill… practice makes perfect. The best way to start quickscoping in Advanced Warfare is to setup a custom match with a few bots and start getting the feel of the timing required to quickscope. The ADS time is relatively short with both the snipers mentioned above. The real issue is figuring out the timing to pop enemies as they’re on the ground, airborne, or boosting around.

Advanced Warfare Sniping Bots

Bots aren’t anywhere near as agile and nimble as real players in public lobbies but they’re a good place to start. It’s important to remember that you should always try to hit your enemies at the chest or higher. This gives you the best chance at getting a one-shot kill. If you’re using the Atlas 20mm, however, sometimes even a shot to the leg is all it takes.

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3. Fast Drag Scopes Count, Too

Don’t be afraid to use your scope a little bit when quickscoping. That is what it’s there for, after all. If you quickly ADS and then drag your scope over on to your target fast, it still counts. Hardscoping is sitting still and looking down your sights for a couple of seconds or longer. A quick second is still in good taste.

4. Master Movement

If you’re finding yourself too evenly matched or getting destroyed by other quickscopers there is one way to completely dominate them – learn to master your Exo movements. It takes a good amount of practice but it IS possible to learn how to pull off quickscopes while in the air, while boosting, etc.

Advanced Warfare Exo Movement

If you can master quickscopes while in motion using your Exo movements you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. It makes it way more difficult for your enemies to hit you and gives you a great advantage because all it takes is one sniper bullet to end the life of an opponent.

This is another skill you can practice on bots but you won’t master it until you do it on a regular basis in public matches. Real players maneuver around a lot more than bots and more sporadically. So you’ll just have to develop this skill as you play in online matches.

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5. Head to FFA

Looking for a quickscoping party? Chances are that’s exactly what you’ll find in a Free-For-All match. Not everyone uses a sniper but most do. It’s almost like an unspoken vow that if you head into FFA you’re kind of expected to snipe. Oh, and let’s not forget that if you don’t pull off a Tony Hawk style 900 degree, weapon-swap, weapon-swap, smack-a-hoe while spinning quickscope you’re probably gonna get yelled at by prepubescent teens.

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  2. Horse hockey. Quick scoping is the result of aim bots. Just like all the other COD games. The real laughs come when they get the final kill cam. Watching someone get shot before the shooter even brings the weapon to bare. Rifle just begins to move up, then bam! victim down. They are easy to spot. Use a disabling grenade on them then watch as bullets emanate from their torso and hit you center mass. Bad enough we have to put up with no dedicated servers and lag.

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