4 CoD AW Tips & Tricks for Beginners for Dominating Multiplayer

Are you a first-time Call of Duty player? Or maybe you’re just not learning the ropes of Exo movements and abilities very quickly? Either way, being a beginner in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare can be challenging. With the added vertical aspects of the game and a whole slew of new weapons and abilities to master, the game can be rather daunting. No worries, we’re here to help.

Below we’ve provided tips and tricks to help you better acclimate to the new evolution of Call of Duty. These tips will help you learn the basics of the game faster, assist you in maintaining a positive K/D in matches, and more.

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1. Master the Exo

The new Exo suit is a core component of CoD: Advanced Warfare. Learning how to maneuver around, shoot while in motion, and even use your new movement abilities to evade enemies is an essential skill. The best way to master these movements is by heading into a custom game with bots.

Bots don’t move around as much as real opponents do while playing online but a custom match is still a great way to learn how to move around. Practice the core movements such as:

  • Boost Jump
  • Boost Dodge
  • Boost Dash
  • Boost Slam
  • Exo Melee

With your Exoskeleton you can jump much higher than in previous Call of Duty titles. This allows you to get on top of buildings or hop over obstacles you never could before. Dodge gives you the ability to quickly move out of harm’s way. Dash allows to you move nearly any direction very quickly while in the air. And slam is a brutal air-to-ground attack that can kill an opponent with one hit if executed correctly.

Use custom matches to practice and master these skills before heading into a public game. It’s always better to come prepared than to learn while decimating your online stats.

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2. Find YOUR Weapons

Figuring out what the best weapons in Advanced Warfare are isn’t a matter of learning public opinion. Sure, knowing what the majority of players are using is a good start but, ultimately, you want to find weapons that cater to your own personal playing style. Not everyone will be awesome with the same guns.

If you like to stay back away from the action and pick off enemies from afar, try using a burst-fire assault rifle like the IMR or a sniper rifle like the MORS, both of these are perfect for long range. On the other hand, if you’re more of a run ‘n gun player, try a loadout using something like the ASM1 smg or one of the shotguns found in AW.

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3. Learn the Maps

Another key skill that will help you perform much better against online opponents is to learn about the layouts, choke points, and other important areas of the multiplayer maps. Knowing where the hot spots are on the map, where objective points spawn, and where players tend to camp can mean the difference between life and death in a match.

Get a friend or two and run some private matches on every map on your favorite game modes. This will help you get better acquainted with the way each map is setup and give you an idea of where you’ll perform best in TDM or objective-based gametypes.

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4. Fine Tune Loadouts

On top of selecting weapons that fit your play style you’ll also want to figure out what combinations of weapon attachments, perks, scorestreaks, Exo abilities, and even launcher grenades work best for you. You only get 13 selections in total but remember that you can always give up a perk slot or even a scorestreak to gain an additional attachment or grenade.

Experiment with different loadouts and figure out what perks benefit you the most. Learn which scorestreaks you can obtain, which ones you get the most kills with, etc, and really lock down your loadouts. The better your class setup is suited to you, the better you’ll do in multiplayer matches.

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