Month: November 2016

Infinite Warfare Game Modes: Full List and Breakdown of MP Modes

Trying to figure out what Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has to offer in terms of game types? We’ve got you covered! From the traditional TDM to new modes that players will be experiencing for the very first time, IW offers up a plethora of multiplayer modes. Infinite Warfare Game Modes The official list of game modes that are available in IW are listed below. Capture the Flag Defender Demolition Domination Drop Zone Free-for-All Frontline Grind Gun Game Hardpoint Infected Kill Confirmed Reinforce Search and Destroy Search and Rescue Team Deathmatch Uplink NOTE: All modes may not be available...

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Infinite Warfare: NV-4 Assault Rifle

The NV-4 is a fully-automatic assault rifle available for players to use in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is a ballistic weapon with high accuracy that works beautifully in mid-range engagements. Many have noted that this gun closely resembles the classic M4 Carbine that was available in prior titles such as the original Modern Warfare. Infinite Warfare NV4 The NV4 is a great gun for players of any skill. It has very little recoil and is extremely easy to use making it an ideal weapon for newbies or players that aren’t able to manage guns with heavy recoil...

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Infinite Warfare Supply Drops: The Definitive Guide to IW Loot Boxes

Supply drops are officially a core aspect of Call of Duty now. Infinite Warfare, the latest title in the popular FPS franchise series, also features these now infamous loot boxes. These crates are, at times, rewarding, but are often filled with junk most players don’t care much about. Nevertheless, gamers that transition to IW this year will be grinding to earn drops to get the skins and other items they crave. Infinite Warfare Supply Drops Supply drops are reward boxes that can contain a number of in-game items including: Weapon Skins Combat Rig Customization Pieces Gun Variants Calling Cards...

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