Month: February 2016

Black Ops 3 Double XP for MP & Zombies Coming This Weekend

Surprise, surprise – Treyarch has officially announced that this weekend they will be activating yet another double XP event. This one is starting tomorrow (February 26th) and running through Monday, February 29th. And, yes, it applies to both multiplayer matches AND to zombies. This event will give players a chance to blast through ranks, hit higher prestige levels, and, if you’re already at master prestige, keep making progress toward that coveted level 1000 to look like a complete no-life…erm, I mean… bad ass. We were hoping to see another double Cryptokey event soon so players would have a better...

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Black Ops 3 DLC: All Map Packs, Zombies Additions, and More

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will, like many CoD titles before it, be receiving at least four downloadable content packs that will introduce new multiplayer maps, zombies maps, and more into the game. In addition to that, Treyarch is also adding in new gear for specialists, new weapons players can obtain through supply drops, and even a 10th specialist (currently a rumor, but very likely). Black Ops 3 DLC The core DLC for the game, however, are the traditional map packs and expansions to the zombies mode. These are the four DLC packs scheduled to come out for...

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YouTubers Help Boost Call of Duty’s Microtransaction Gambling System

I know I’m probably going to come under a lot of heat for this, but it’s something I feel needs to be said. Famous Youtubers are helping to destroy Call of Duty (and countless other games) for all gamers. How? By continuously contributing to and encouraging the use of microtransactions. The past couple of CoD titles – Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 – are perfect examples of this. Sledgehammer Games introduced the concept of Supply Drops, an in-game rewards system that allows players to swap either in-game currency or, worse, actual cash for a chance at getting new...

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Black Ops 3 NX ShadowClaw Weapon Overview

The crossbow makes a return in Black Ops 3…well, sort of. It’s not the traditional crossbow we’ve seen in the first two installments of Treyarch’s popular CoD franchise. The NX ShadowClaw is a more compact and silently deadly weapon than its predecessors. This is a special secondary weapon that can only be received through supply drops. The ShadowClaw deals high damage, allows the player to remain off the radar, and works fairly well in mid-range encounters. With the right attachments equipped and perks selected it becomes an incredibly lethal weapon that many believe is extremely overpowered. NX ShadowClaw Stats...

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Black Ops 3 MX Garand Overview

The MX Garand is one of a few brand-new weapons that were introduced into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 recently. This gun, along with the other special weapons that are now available, can only be obtained through supply drops. It is labeled as an “epic” item when received in a drop. MX Garand Stats Damage: High (49-60 per shot) Clip Size: 8 Rounds (12 with Extended Mags attachment) Firing Rate: 300 rounds per minute Range: High Weapon Overview The Garand, which was formerly known as the M2 Raider, is a high-damage, semi-automatic assault rifle. It operates fairly similarly...

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Treyarch Announces Double XP & 2X Weapon XP Weekend

Treyarch is really upping their game when it comes to dishing out bonuses for gamers. They recently announced that this weekend they’ll be activating both double XP and double weapon XP for the long weekend of February 12th through February 16th. This means players will not only be able to level up faster and hit higher prestiges, but they’ll also get the chance to rank up their weapons, unlock more attachments, and even obtain prestige ranks on their favorite guns. This is an extremely rare event. Treyarch doesn’t typically give two bonuses at once. The event will begin on...

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Black Ops 3: New Weapons Coming Soon to BO3

Within the recent patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that dropped on Xbox One today (February 8th) players spotted a few new files that suggest new weapons are potentially coming to the game soon. Revealed in the files are what looks like an assault rifle / crossbow hybrid, a sword, a crowbar of some sort, and what appears to be a new pistol. The weapons were discovered in the ban and protect settings that are available to players creating custom competitive games. The weapons include: M2 Raider (assault rifle) NX Phantom (crossbow) Iron Jim (secondary melee weapon)...

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Black Ops 3 Update 1.06 Patch Notes (PS4)

A new patch just went live for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Playstation 4 consoles. This update has made a number of different changes including alterations to a few specialists, some weapon buffs and nerfs, a few tweaks to certain scorestreaks, and some minor work to maps. This update went live on February 8th, 2016. UPDATE: Weapon changes listed below now also apply to Xbox One users. Here are the full version 1.06 patch notes that were released by Treyarch (click each section to zoom in): The most notable changes are the alterations to weapons. Weapon Buffs...

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