Month: January 2015

New Double XP Weekend and Playlists Inbound for Advanced Warfare

Looking to catch up to your friends in terms of prestige levels in Advanced Warfare? Well, this weekend you’ll be given a golden opportunity to do so. Sledgehammer Games just announced that a new double XP weekend event will be starting in just a couple days on January 23rd. On top of the new 2XP event there will also be a couple of new playlists for players to try out. First off the map Comeback will be featured in a 24/7 playlist. As far as we know this one will only be available for the weekend so if you’re...

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Advanced Warfare Camos: Every Weapon Camo Available

One of the most popular customization options in the past few Call of Duty games (especially titles such as Black Ops 2) have been the various camouflages that players can unlock for their weapons. Advanced Warfare has several highly coveted weapon camos available for gamers to use. Advanced Warfare Weapon Camos In order to unlock a camo players must complete a number of challenges. Most of these consist of getting kills with the weapon, using the gun without attachments or perks, and various other tasks. The majority of these are fairly easy to get, but take time.   Here...

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Last-Gen Advanced Warfare Players Getting Shafted in Support

While updates and technical support for the latest Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, seem to be available somewhat abundantly for gamers on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and even the PC, players on last-generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 feel like they’re getting shafted.   That’s a hard claim to refute when the developers have been extremely slow to bring critical game updates, patches, and more to last-gen platforms. This is partially because Sledgehammer Games is NOT the company working on the last-gen ports of Advanced Warfare, but it’s still not a great excuse and...

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Advanced Warfare Tops UK Gaming Charts

Despite most outlets assuming that the game hadn’t performed quite as well as its predecessors, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest title in the wildly popular FPS franchise, has started 2015 on a high note. Beating out equally powerful titles such as FIFA 15 and Grand Theft Auto V, CoD: AW sits atop the United Kingdoms gaming charts.   Here are the top 10 titles on the list: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 15 Far Cry 4 Assassin’s Creed Unity The Crew Destiny WWE 2K15 Driveclub Minecraft Xbox Edition It’s interesting to see...

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Advanced Warfare Guide to Everything in the Game

As of November 2014 the latest addition to the FPS mega-franchise, Call of Duty, was released. Titled Advanced Warfare, this game is a revolutionary step forward for the series. It features a whole new set of weapons, loads of new multiplayer maps to learn, and, most importantly, never-before-seen player abilities. To put it simply… there’s a LOT to learn when it comes to Advanced Warfare. It’s not the typical, cookie-cutter sequel that Call of Duty has become so well known for. It’s a brand new beast with loads of new mechanics, weaponry, and environments to master. The Ultimate Advanced...

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Advanced Warfare – Best Heavy Weapon in the Game (OPINION)

Heavy weapons are an interesting breed in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. They’re bulky, they slow down your movement, and the ones that aren’t energy-based take forever to reload. The pros, however, are that they generally do a decent amount of damage and are effective at medium to long range. But which one is the best? Below we provide our educated opinion on the subject. Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapons When it comes to this weapon category there are just 5 selections: Ameli EM1 EPM3 Pytaek XMG The Ameli and Pytaek operate similarly to standard light machine guns seen...

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Double XP Live in Advanced Warfare Mosh Pit Playlist

Looking to boost your level further and blast your way through another prestige rank or two in Advanced Warfare? Well, Sledgehammer Games is giving you a great shot at it this weekend. Starting today (January 2nd) and running through about 9am PST Monday, January 5th, the developers have activated double XP for the Mosh Pit playlist.   This is only the second 2XP event that has been given to players since the game’s release back in November of 2014. But it presents a great opportunity for gamers that recently got Advanced Warfare for Christmas to play a little bit...

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Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips to Boost Your K/D

Call of Duty isn’t the most difficult first-person shooter to play by any means, but it can be challenging. That is arguably even more true now with the recent release of Advanced Warfare. This latest title in the series has added several new elements to the game revolving around the use of the Exosuit. Mastering the use of weapons and the new movement capabilities can be a bit daunting. But, we’re here to help.   Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips We’ve complied some of the most helpful tips & tricks that will help you improve your performance and boost your...

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