Infinite Warfare Archive

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the latest title in the blockbuster FPS series. Developed by Infinity Ward, the game forces players into the future where an army hellbent on destroying Earth’s supportive systems established throughout the solar system needs to be stopped.

What’s changed? First up, Infinity Ward has introduced Combat Rigs. These are character specializations similar to the specialist classes Treyarch created for Black Ops 3. They do, however, vary slightly in the weapons and abilities they grant players access to.

Infinite Warfare weapons are also a relatively new aspect. Aside from the “classic weapons”, most of the guns in the game are brand new to the series (although some are loosely based on armaments we’ve previously utilized in past titles). There are also several different variations of every weapon. These variants enhance the base gun with traits and perks that do just about everything from stabilizing the gun for improved accuracy to granting the player the chance to unlock a nuke-like killstreak once they reach a certain kill count.

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